A different school!

Why do we call ourselves different? Because we have an educational model that really corresponds to the learning needs of our modern world. Also, because we provide a high-quality educational service with the highest standards in English, Spanish and French, which takes full consideration of the integral development of our students. Finally, we are a school where being is enhanced over doing or having.

  • We are a different, active and innovative kindergarten.

  • Our main objective is that children are happy in the school environment, have fun while they explore, learn and develop their skills.

  • We are a multi-cultural institution in which language teaching has an early start through games, songs and attractive materials.

Our students learn languages in a natural, fun way and gradually come to understand instructions, while they assimilate the new information in English and French as well as the pronunciation of these in the same way they learned to speak Spanish.

The contents that the students see in English are complemented and reinforced in Spanish. As of Kinder I, the basics of reading, writing and mathematical logic begin by means of using fun materials. In Kinder II, our little children recognize vowels and consonants beginning with the process of reading and writing in cursive and script.

  • Incorporating games as an essential part of the methodology of teaching - learning.

  • Enhancing our children′s creativity.

  • Encouraging our children to do research of topics of their interest.

  • Promoting socialization.

We develop in our children the acquisition of habits and virtues through example and daily practice of these at school and at home.

Evaluation considers qualitative and quantitative aspects in our monthly reports of students′ achievements: one month in English and the next one in Spanish; a report card is sent home by email accordingly.

  • We consider this as a fundamental aspect in their comprehensive training and development of self esteem.

  • Self-control is developed in order to grow in freedom and happiness.

  • It implies the education of one′s will.

  • We implement assertive discipline with reasoning and based on logical consequences in agreement with the action taken.

MATERNAL, KINDER 1 Entrance time: 8:45 hrs.
Reception of students: 7:30 - 8:45 hrs.
Check out: 13:30 hrs. Please do not arrive before this time.


KINDER 2 y KINDER 3 Entrance time: 8:45 hrs.
Reception of students: 7:30 - 8:45 hrs.
Check out: 13:45 hrs. Please do not arrive before this time.


PREFIRST Entrance time: 7:50 hrs.
Reception of students: 7:30 - 7:50 hrs.
Check out: 14:15 hrs. Please do not arrive before this time.